Why We Are Different

CSS (cascading style sheets) are used with every site. These style sheets keep the site sleek and uniform across all browsers. A very important element of these style sheets is that they make editing or changing you web site easier. As the world wide web matures and time passes, it is possible you will not have the same web master you did years ago. It will be much less expensive for you and easier for someone else to edit your site if it uses CSS! Also, we do not use Frames!

Close and detailed attention is paid to picking target KEYWORDS and their positioning for every site. TITLES for you pages are very important! They appear in search engine listings and a short, attractive title may help users click through your site. HTML LINKS are used rather than graphic links so browsers can read them and continue to other pages on your site. Your pages are submitted to the major browsers, Google, Yahoo and Open Directory Project, along with a sitelist.

We test our sites continually on the three major browsers; for consistent look and format and rapid downloading. To catch someone's attention today, you must do it in a few seconds. If someone has to wait to download a site - THEY JUST WON'T.